DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast on October 6, 2017.

onyeka-nchege_cio_0019_formal-copyMake plans to join us on Friday, October 6, 2017 from 6:30 – 9:30 am at the Irving Convention Center for our 2017 DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. Our annual event is designed to create an environment where people can hear how Jesus Christ has changed the lives of Dallas/Fort Worth Technology professionals and encourage us all to live out our faith at work and home.

Our 2017 guest speaker will be Onyeka Nchege, VP and CIO of Interstate Batteries. We expect over 700 Technology Leaders from around DFW to join us so visit our 2017 Event page to learn how you can get involved.

What is a Prayer Breakfast

We believe that most people are searching for something more out of life but are not sure what that is. We believe that longing will only be filed through a personal relationship with GOD and His son Jesus Christ. Our Prayer Breakfast event creates a place for us to share just what that looks like in our personal and professional lives.

Our Mission is very simple:
“To create relevant business environments for DFW Technology Professionals where a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ is presented and nurtured.” 

What it is NOT:


  • A Tent Revival.
  • 90 Minutes of Praying.
  • A Networking Event.
  • An attempt to get you to join a church.

You can see the program outline and learn more details about this event on Event Page or contact us at [email protected] If you are interested in volunteering as part of our team, click here VolunteerTable Host or a Sponsor.

Our lives have been changed because we have come to understand God’s love and plan for us, and our desire is that you know Him too. It’s that simple. We promise to make the morning fun, interesting, and life-changing for all who attend.

We hope to see you there.


Where Your Friends Hang Out

Where your frined are

Not to sound like an old guy, but when I was a kid, we knew where our friends where by the pile of bikes out in front of someones house. You also knew you were free to join them just by knocking on the door and going inside.

Today, we find our “friends” on Facebook or other social media sites and we hope they will connect with us and “like” us. It can be very cold in the Digital World, but this is where most things have moved today, and many of us in the Technology Community are helping to make it happen.

With our schedule and the demands on our time and resources, keeping connected digitally is often all we have time for. However, joining a group on LinkedIn or following someone on Twitter can give us a false sense of community. What we really need is time to connect face to face and dig deeper into what is really important to us, and to know that the person on the other side of our words actually understands and cares about us.

This is one of the reasons we have our annual DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. We chose the city of Irving because it’s in the middle of Dallas, Fort Worth and all other communities around us that we want to participate in this event. This event provides a safe place for people in the DFW Technology Community to come together for a meal, visit with friends, and hear how a faith in Jesus Christ has changed our lives. We also have Ramp-Up Events leading up to this event so people can network, learn how to be a good Table Host and build friendships. Check our event page on Facebook for information on our next meeting.

Come connect (or reconnect) with leaders in the Technology Industry here in DFW and find that we have more in common than cutting edge technology and project deadlines. We are leaders who care about the heart and soul of DFW and we want to bring us all together for a time of encouraging the leaders of North Texas to live out their passion and convictions at work each day.

Go to our Event Info Page and sign up to join us for this years event and join us at our next planning meeting. We’ll pile the bikes out front so you don’t miss us!

* Just to show that we are not opposed to the whole social media scene, connect with us by clicking the links below and invite others to learn more about our event. You can also contact us at [email protected]


Keeping up With Technology – or Not!

TechnologyThere was a time when this was cutting edge technology. No matter what we make today, it will only be a matter of time until something replaces it as the new cool toy, tool, or technology that we all MUST have.

If you’re old enough, you can remember paying hundreds of dollars for a Texas Instruments Calculator, or thinking a pager was the coolest technology ever, and wondering why I should replace my perfectly good albums with CD’s.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, said “There is NOTHING new under the sun.” We would find this hard to believe with the flood of new technology that pours out at us each day. However, when you really look at things, it’s just a different way to do the same old stuff we have been doing since the beginning of time like talk with others, work faster, and understand more stuff.

Unfortunately, these new technologies have allowed us to work more hours each day and have less personal time to relax and connect with others. So, we roll out of bed and check our emails while we sit on the toilet, and we read business articles during our lunch break, and listen to podcast of experts tell us how to have a better life while we’re stuck on the Dallas Tollway for our hour drive home

We need what I call the “Analog version of Social Media” or a face to face meetings. We need a time to surround ourselves with others who share our passion and convictions, and get back to knowing each other in a real and meaningful manner.

“I See You – I Am Here.”

Natal GreetingMembers of the northern Natal tribes of South African greet one another daily by saying “Sawa bona”, which literally means: “I see you.” The response is “Sikhona” which means: “I am here”. What this basically says is that ‘until you ‘see’ me, I do not exist; and when you ‘see’ me, you bring me into existence. Members of these tribes go about their day with this personal validation from everyone they encounter – seen for who they are.

Each of us wants to be “seen” in a way that acknowledges we matter. Yes, we make a nice paycheck, and get the regular pat on the back for hitting deadlines, but inside we yearn for a deeper, richer connection to what really matters in our hearts.

With this need in mind we host the annual DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. Join hundreds of technology leaders from the Metroplex for our next event and you can learn more about it on our Event page at the top.

There is a lot to do before this day and we need your help so visit our events page on Facebook and make plans to attend our next planning meeting. Follow us on our Social Media pages below, but more importantly, join us at our next event so we can meet face to face and we can both be “seen.”

Contact us at [email protected]


Let the Planning Begin!

DFW Tech PB KickoffLast week we had our first planning session for the 2014 DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. Merv Tarde, CIO of Interstate Batteries, hosted us in the Cowboy Room of the Interstate Batteries Office in Dallas. We had 25 Technology Leaders from a variety of companies join us to help get things moving toward our September 26 event at the Irving Convention Center.

It was great to see so many people come together with a common passion for hosting the first Technology Prayer Breakfast in the DFW area. We quickly saw that we have all the resources required to make this dream a reality with people who are excited to jump in and help.

If you’ve never been to a Prayer Breakfast event, take a look at the 2013 High Tech Prayer Breakfast in Atlanta as an example.

Jeff ClementJeff Clement of CCCi is the Director of the DFWTPB and the vision and passion behind making this event happen.

This event is being modeled after the High Tech Prayer Breakfast event in Atlanta, and is supported by the CCCi IT Staffing team here in DFW and from Atlanta. See a list of all our sponsors on the Sponsors Page.

Expecting A Miracle

We believe the time is right for an event like this. DFW is leading the nation in business growth and people are moving to North Texas at a rate of 342 people a day! Our Technology Community is among the best in the Nation and the world is looking to us to lead with excellence. We are expecting great things to happen as a result of this Prayer Breakfast event. Perhaps even a Miracle?!

Miracles still happen

Watch this video from past High Tech Ministries Prayer Breakfast events.

Connect with us on these social media pages below and email us for more information at [email protected].


Getting Back to our Roots and Still Pressing Ahead.

Three friends having coffee togetherEven with all the great technology available today, I still yearn for the simple things of our past. Not like, “I wish I still used a pager” or “I wish my 8-Track Player still worked,” but the time when it was more common for people to meet face-to-face and share their lives, visions, passions and convictions in a simple honest manner. Digital Technology is what we build our careers on, but it’s not WHO we are. We are Men and Women with family and friends that we care about, and with dreams and hopes that never go away, no matter how busy we get.

8track playerThe DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast event on November 13, 2015 will provide us a chance to stop and reflect on the things that made this Country great, connect with others who share our love of Technology, honor the leaders of the DFW community, and hear stories of what GOD has meant in the lives of these technology leaders.

This event will unify the technology leaders of communities from Fort Worth, Dallas, Richardson, McKinney and areas in between. We are only have room for 600 people at our event and we know it will sell out fast, so sign up today to be a Table Host and contact us with any questions at [email protected].

Go to our Event page to learn more and sign up to join us on Friday, November 13. Then join the conversation on our Social Media pages below to tell us your story, and let others know about our event. I hope you will share photos of your team, tell us what drives y’all to succeed, and how you balance the ever pressing needs of Technology with a desire to build lasting connections with those you see every day.


Just for fun; go flash back to the old days of the internet and see if you remember    32 Things that will make you miss the Old Days of the Internet.