TechnologyThere was a time when this was cutting edge technology.  No matter what we make today, it will only be a matter of time until something replaces it as the new cool toy, tool, or technology that we all MUST have.

I’m old enough to remember paying hundreds of dollars for a Texas Instruments Calculator, thinking a pager was the coolest technology ever, and wondering why I should replace my perfectly good albums with CD’s.  I’ve seen a lot of change and can still say there is nothing really new.

Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, said “There is NOTHING new under the sun.”  We would find this hard to believe with the flood of new technology that pours out at us each day. However, when you really look at things, it’s just a different way to do the same old stuff we have been doing since the beginning of time like talk with others, work faster, and understand more stuff.

Unfortunately, these new technologies have allowed us to work more hours each day and have less personal time to relax and connect with others.  So, we roll out of bed and check our emails while we sit on the toilet, and we read business articles during our lunch break, and listen to podcast of experts tell us how to have a better life while we’re stuck on the Dallas Tollway for our hour drive home

We need what I call the “Analog version of Social Media” or a face to face meetings.  We need a time to surround ourselves with others who share our passion and convictions, and get back to knowing each other in a real and meaningful manner.  This is why we started the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast.

“I See You – I Am Here.”

Natal GreetingMembers of the northern Natal tribes of South African greet one another daily by saying “Sawa bona”, which literally means: “I see you.” The response is “Sikhona” which means: “I am here”. What this basically says is that ‘until you ‘see’ me, I do not exist; and when you ‘see’ me, you bring me into existence. Members of these tribes go about their day with this personal validation from everyone they encounter – seen for who they are.

Each of us wants to be “seen” in a way that acknowledges we matter. Yes, we make a nice paycheck, and get the regular pat on the back for hitting deadlines, but inside we yearn for a deeper, richer connection to what really matters in our hearts.

With this need in mind we host the annual DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. Join hundreds of technology leaders from the Metroplex for our next event and you can learn more about it on our Event page at the top.

You are welcome to follow us on Facebook but more importantly, join us at our monthly planning meetings and make so we can meet face to face and we can both be “seen.”

See you then,

Robert Hunt