Table Host

Thank you for your interest in being a Table Host for out DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your contact information and press “Submit” and we will contact you quickly.  We use the Table Hosts model so we get involvement from leaders who will invite people they want to come hear how a faith in Jesus Christ has changed their life and the lives of Technology Leaders here in DFW. (See a list of our current table hosts at the bottom of this page) 

If you want to attend but cannot be a Table Host this year, please contact one of the Table Hosts below that you know and ask if they have any extra seats. If you do not know anyone just email us at  [email protected] and we’ll find you a seat.


Ready to become a table host?

Table Hosts

We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization.

Here are the donation amounts required to host a table of 10:

$300 through October 31, 2017

$350 through December 30, 2017

$400 until September 28, 2018


If you are interested in being a Table Host you can fill out the form below.  You can also become a sponsor at the Title, Corporate, or Event level. Click here you are interested in being a Sponsor .

Please send your checks to  DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast, PO Box 401, Frisco TX 75034


Our 2018 Table Hosts were: