Three friends having coffee togetherEven with all the great technology available today, I still yearn for the simple things of our past. Not like, “I wish I still used a pager” or “I wish my 8-Track Player still worked,” but the time when it was more common for people to meet face-to-face and share their lives, visions, passions and convictions in a simple honest manner.

Digital Technology is what we build our careers on, but it’s not WHO we are. We are Men and Women with family and friends that we care about, and with dreams and hopes that never go away, no matter how busy we get.

8track playerThe DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast provides us a chance to stop and reflect on the things that made this Country great, connect with others who share our love of Technology, honor the leaders of the DFW community, and hear stories of what GOD has meant in the lives of these technology leaders.

Our event unifies the technology leaders of communities from Fort Worth, Dallas, Richardson, McKinney and areas in between.

Go to our Event page to learn more and sign up to join us. Then join the conversation on our Social Media pages below to tell us your story, and let others know about our event. I hope you will share photos of your team, tell us what drives y’all to succeed, and how you balance the ever pressing needs of Technology with a desire to build lasting connections with those you see every day.

Just for fun; go flash back to the old days of the internet and see if you remember 32 Things that will make you miss the Old Days of the Internet.