What does a good day at work look likeWhat are you gonna do today?

What if you asked GOD to guide your steps all day long and see what happens?

What if you said this day is dedicated to serving you LORD and decided to be part of whatever GOD is doing around you? That could be a very fulfilling day.

You have a stack of things you could do today, so do I.  But what if we told GOD that we want to do what He wants us to do today and then we stayed available to the things He brings our way. What kind of day would that be?

Not that we ignore the things that we planned to do today, but that we have the mindset and pace that if we were to spend time wisely and stay focused, He will allow us to complete the things He wants us to get done – and still remain open to Him interrupting us day for HIS purposes  (by the way, this is why we keep “Margin” in our life).

With this focus we can be at peace today and have a day full of joy and contentment for the things we will accomplish.

As you start your day, commit this day to the LORD and be excited about what he will allow you to complete.  Stop working at 5 :30 no matter how much you got done, and be thankful that GOD allowed you to work today.  Then trust that He will complete everything else in his time.

What would THAT day be like?

Robert Hunt

Make plans to attend the 2023 DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast on October 27.