“Did you see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie?”

“Have you heard the song by Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers?

“Have you tried the bacon burgers at Liberty Burger?”

Everyone is comfortable asking questions to such trivial matters like this because they assume there is NO way anyone will be offended by the subject matter. However, most people become uncomfortable talking about GOD and their faith for fear of the response they may get.

Some subjects are tough to address but we press on because we see the importance of the issue. For example, if someone consistently shows up for work dressed inappropriately or in bad taste, if someone has really bad breath or body oder, or when a coworker treats others with disrespect. You choose to tackle these awkward issues for their benefit as much as the benefit of the others around them.

owl1.previewSome people will passionately share their opinions without concern of what others believe. I often hear how drinking diet sodas with Saccharine or having yummy Hostess Twinkies are bad for you. We see people protest against the release of CO2 into the air or the cutting down of trees that house the Spotted Owl.

If anyone had the cure for cancer, they would not hesitate to boldly tell the world about it, and we would think how great it is that someone cares enough to let others know about this miracle cure. However, many hesitate to talk about their Faith in Jesus Christ; the one thing that has the power to save lives for all eternity.

In my experience, most people are searching for something bigger than themselves, but most are not sure what that is or how to find it. The problem has been the way people have brought up Biblical matters in the past, and the horrible example of people who call themselves Christians. Crazy people of religious conviction who blow up abortion clinics or protest the funerals of the fallen, have tainted the topic of Faith for so many. Most of the people I know who do NOT want to be a Christian are that way because of the bad example of the Christians they know. Sad but true.

Henry Blackaby once said “If the world seems darker today, it is because the light is not doing it’s job.” The example that Jesus Christ set is the only one worthy of following. The truth is that Jesus came to bring GOD and Mankind back into harmony once again, and his sacrifice is a free gift that the world needs to know. It’s up to us followers of Jesus Christ to be a light worth following and it starts by reaching out to those around us with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

It is with this perspective in mind that we unashamedly invite you to the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. We are not sugar-coating this; we are going to Pray to GOD and ask for His blessing on the leaders of DFW. We are going to brag about Jesus Christ and share how a faith in Him has changed the lives of those who have discovered this. We are reaching out to our friends and partners in the DFW Technology community to invite them to this amazing morning and we want you to join us.

We believe that people who would not normally step foot in a church because of the bad experiences of the past, will join us at the Irving Convention Center to network with hundreds of Technology Leaders in the DFW area. We’ll share breakfast and our stories so people who are searching for something that is missing in their lives will learn about the Jesus of the Bible. We hope you will join us.

Contact us to attend at [email protected]