“Why am I involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast?”

That is the question that some of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast volunteers were asked to consider.

RobertRobert Hunt, Owner of Renaissance Executive Forums Dallas,  had this to say:

I do not have a line between my work and faith and I am part of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast because it is an event that celebrates the marriage of the two. My faith in Jesus Christ weaves in and out seamlessly through my work because it is the foundation of what I think and do. I don’t have a way to shut it off to meet certain situations any more than I can turn off being a Husband or Father. And frankly, I don’t see a reason I would want to. People are looking for what I have and I am happy to share it with them.
I have found that most people are searching for something MORE out of life. Many have a longing in their hearts that never seems to be satisfied. They search for peace and joy but it always seems just beyond their reach. We spend most of our lives working. Whether we’re thinking about it, going to or from it, or actually doing the work, it takes up the majority of our lives. Why would anyone hold back their faith during all this?
I have been given a place of influence in the lives of Owners and CEO’s here in DFW, and GOD expects me to live boldly for Him so others will know the life-changing message of a hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Someday, I will stand before my GOD and be accountable for the opportunities He placed in my life. I want to be found worthy of the marriage, children, friends, and work He has given me to care for. That is also what I want for you.
Join me and over 700 Technology and Business Leaders this year at the Irving Convention Center to hear what GOD is doing in our lives. If you do not know the GOD of the Bible in a personal way, come hear and believe. If you are a part of God’s family, come be inspired to live boldly so others will see your faith and seek to know GOD themselves. There is a seat for you if you want one and I’m praying you will join us.

We are very thankful for Robert who has served on the planning committee since 2015. There is plenty of room for you too, so please contact one of the volunteers directly or fill out the information on our Volunteer Page and come join us!