Pray for me

Everybody needs Prayer.

Not everyone believes in GOD, goes to church, or even prays. However, I’ve never met anyone who has refused my prayers for them. Even the most hardened heart has melted under a time of sincere prayer because prayer has the power to instantly change the tone and focus of the moment.

I’ve had the opportunity to work in many industries over my career and with every type of role from Construction Worker, Engineering Manager, to CEO. No matter what their view of GOD or Faith was, when times were tough and things seem hopeless, every one of them gladly received my offer of prayer.

Even as simple as praying over meals.

I’ve gone to lunch with customers that I barely knew, and when the food came I offer to pray for the meal. They reluctantly agreed so I  pray for the food, and I also pray for them, their family, their health, and success in the challenges they face today. (I make it quick so the food does not get cold). When I look up after the prayer, I’ve seen faces of astonishment or tears rolling down their cheeks, as they pour out the frustrations they feel and the heavy burdens they are carrying that day. Many people have told me that NO ONE has ever prayed for them!


Prayer is the common denominator that opens hearts to be real, in a world where we often feel we have to “look” like we have it all together. We all have issues, hang-ups, baggage, and fears that can weigh us down. Even the “cool” people have things that they keep private for fear of others knowing that they have been hurt and are not willing to trust anyone ever again.

Prayer draws GOD closer to us.

The Bible says that GOD seeks people who are genuinely seeking Him; people who will give Him credit for being GOD in the first place. To take a moment from your life to stop what you are doing and just talk with GOD, is to genuinely Worship Him, and HE will hear you, and pull you closer to Himself. Prayer gets the attention of an all-powerful and loving GOD, and brings us to an awareness of where we are in our lives, and that fact that we need Him.

Join us this year for our annual DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. Don’t worry, we won’t spend 90 minutes in prayer. It only takes a moment to turn our focus from ourselves, to turn our attention toward GOD, and to be ready to hear His still soft voice as He calls us into a real relationship with Him. Prayer sets the stage for the stories you will hear from Technology Leaders whose lives have been radically changed because of their Faith in Jesus Christ.

Learn how to become a Table Host or an Event Partner and join us this year.

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