Merv Tarde Values in Leadership Circle Inductees

The Merv Tarde Values in Leadership Circle (MTVLC) is designed to recognize leaders who are boldly living out their faith in Jesus Christ as they serve others in the Technology Community of DFW.  (click here to see a video our 2015 Inductees .Learn about the requirements to be considered for the MTVLC, our selection process, and how submit your nomination on our Submission Page.

2016 Inductee – Mark A. Stone


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Mark was one of the original leaders who helped make the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast a reality. His “Fruit of the Spirit” is evidenced through constant and consistent mentoring, career transition support, spiritual leadership in small groups along with his monthly reminders and encouragement to serve others (career and spiritually) through his monthly newsletters.

As a more personal example of Mark’s “Fruits”, when he found himself out of work and without a strong network he made two commitments to himself and shared this with a few others privately. One was to build his network so that in the future he would not be in such a poor position to find his next job. Second, he would commit to help others in order to pay back and pay it forward to others in order to help them build their network in advance of needing it. Once he found his job, he kept his commitment to help others by writing a book and taking significant personal time to help those in transition. This is one of the most difficult and personal soul-searching times in an individual’s life and Mark uses it to build their personal self-esteem / network and to also initiate, not so subtly, discussions about the importance of a personal relationship with Christ.

Mark currently serves as the System CIO for the Texas A&M University System. Prior to this, Mr. Stone served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc., Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Zale Corporation, and Director of Financial Operations for the Resolution Trust Corporation. Mark is a Certified Public Accountant and the author of “The Three C’s: A Career Enrichment Primer on Characterizing, Connecting, and Communicating.” He holds a BBA in Accounting from Baylor University and a Masters in Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary.


2015 Inductees – Jeffrey Blackwell and Phil Farr

Both of these leaders have shown Fruit of the Spirit of GOD in their lives, a willingness to make time to humbly mentor and serve others, and a commitment to strive for  excellence in themselves and others. You can learn more about them by clicking on their photo to watch a video from last years event, or you can click on their name to visit their LinkedIn page and let them know you appreciate the example they are setting for others here in DFW.

Jeffrey Blackwell, Deloitte 

Jeffrey BlackwellJPG.JPG

Jeff is an IT Director at Deloitte responsible for leading teams supporting and developing Deloitte’s HR systems. In his role, he oversees a product portfolio of over 100 applications.

But that’s what he does. He is being inducted into the “Values in Leadership” Circle because of who he is. And that is a man who believes and lives the word and teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Jeff is a deacon and Bible Fellowship leader at Prestonwood Baptist Church

  • He incorporates his passion such as his love of baseball into community outreach through leadership in Prestonwood Sports Organization and leading mission trips to the Dominican Republic with SCORE International
  • He loves and nurtures his family. Jeff and Caroline, his wife of 18 years, have two lovely daughters, Emily (15) and Allison (12).
  • And he embodies the principles of servant leadership in all areas of influence, both inside and outside of Deloitte.

Please join me in welcoming Jeff Blackwell.


Phil Farr, Farr Systems

Phil Farr.JPG

Phil Farr is a true Servant Leader who has given freely of himself and enriched the lives of many Technology Leaders in the DFW area. He goes  out of his way to accept just about EVERY one of the MANY requests he receives for career coaching. He will adjust his schedule to do whatever it takes to meet … for coffee before work, during the workday, over lunch or even after work hours. In fact, Phil is  the person who encouraged Merv to follow him as President of the DFW SIM Chapter.

As the CEO and Founder of the Farr Group, Phil sets the bar high as the moral compass for the firm. Whenever an issue arises regarding how or what to do in a particularly challenging client situation, his consistent message is”how would WE want to be treated?”

Much like Merv, Phil never toots his own horn. If you  want to hear about how good he is … you better ask someone else. For  example,  when you ask him about how he handled the most difficult customer he ever encountered, he simply says “I just never figured out how to serve him well enough.”

Phil is always a gentleman and a gentle man. Even when he has to deliver a tough message, he does it with such grace and kindness that people come away still feeling good about themselves while knowing clearly how to get better results next time. He has a rare  ability to bring peace to any situation; when faced with a crisis, he is always the one who brings calm  and  says “we WILL find a way thru this.”

While Phil would never beat someone over the head with his faith, he is always quick to acknowledge that the source of his strength is Jesus Christ, his Savior, and that he is only able to do what he does by His Grace .

Those who know  Phil  say that they have NEVER known him to behave differently in public than he does in private…he  truly “walks his talk!”