People seem stressed lately and I think it’s because they feel like things have gotten out of control.

The reality is that things were never really as under control as we thought they were. We often live our lives under the “Illusion of Control” and all this does is cause stress and worry.

Often people create unrealistic expectations of themselves and the outcomes of life. They feel the need to be everything to everybody or make sure everyone else is happy or successful. This is a perfect way to face disappointment in life as you realize that these results are out of your control. Most are. 

Way more things are beyond our control than we realize. The most control we really have is how we respond to the challenges we face.

  • We can’t control how our kids turn out but we can control what we teach them and the life we model for them.
  • We can’t control if our employer has a big lay off but we can control how we spend our money so we have a reserve when we need it.
  • We can’t control how our coworkers treat people but we can control how we talk about them and respond to them.
  • We can’t control if we get cancer but we can control what we eat or put into our bodies.
  • We can’t control a global pandemic but we can control whether we live in fear because of it.

pressure vs stress

Stress vs Pressure

Stress is bad but pressure is good. When we feel like we should be in control of something and we do not know what to do or how to fix it, we are full of stress. When we realize we are not responsible to control this issue or we find something we truly can control, we move from stress to pressure and get it done.

The illusion of control makes you feel like you are responsible to control all the variables of life, so when things go in a way you don’t want them to, you become stressed. However, we who follow Jesus Christ know that GOD has a plan for our lives and He is ultimately in control of everything, so we can move from stress to the pressure to get moving where He can direct our steps.

Mom always said:

“There are two things you are not allowed to worry about; Things you can fix, and things you can’t fix. If you can fix them, do it now and focus on other things. If you can not fix it, leave it in the hands of GOD and focus on other things.”

Now is a great time to remember that “Who by worrying has added a single day to their life.” So today;

  • Work on being the best version of you that you can be and the let the world do what they will do.
  • Trust that GOD has a plan for your life and seek to know Him and this plan by reading the Bible and asking others who trust Him what they have learned.
  • Surround yourself with people who have realize they cannot control it all and find peace in trusting GOD and working on what you truly can control.
  • Join our community of Technology leaders who follow Jesus Christ and be encouraged in your journey. 


Robert Hunt