Leading and Lagging KPIsMost of us deal with tracking and reporting on aspects of our business that are part of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). There are “Leading” and “Lagging” KPI’s which are designed to help us make decisions or change behaviors. We set these in place so we can focus on what matters most and get the results we want.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we also set up Spiritual KPI’s to help us stay on track and get the results we want in our relationship with GOD?


For example, if you lead a sales team, you set goals like number of sales calls each day or number of quotes generated as Leading KPI’s that you hope will result in a Lagging KPI of the number of presentations given or number of orders won. If the lagging KPI looks bad, you go back to the leading KPI’s to see what went wrong. As a great sales leader, you would direct your team to focus on the leading KPIs and review their results on a regular basis to help them get the results they desire.

What if we applied this idea to our walk with GOD?

Sometimes I find myself feeling distant from GOD and not experiencing the joy and peace that He provides me. As I look back at my life in the previous weeks I can see where I stopped spending quality time reading the Bible each morning, talking with GOD in prayer, enjoying uplifting praise music, attending church or hanging out with friends who share my faith in Christ. 

The lagging indicators (a lack of peace and joy) reflect that I stopped pursuing my relationship with GOD each day (leading indicators). It takes time and effort to intentionally invest time into things you feel will keep you connected to GOD and experiencing all that He has for your life. I can tell you from experience that it’s worth it.

We have time for whatever is important to us. If I want to lose weight I make time to go workout. If I want to have a solid marriage I make time to enjoy life with my wife. If I want kids who love Jesus and lead with excellence, I have to make time to model this in their lives. Leading activities will hopefully give us the lagging results we desire. This is not guaranteed but doing NOTHING will not achieve it either.

Spiritual KPI’s

I decided to track my Spiritual KPIs that I hoped would help me consistently enjoy my relationship with GOD and give me the peace and joy I want each day. I’ll share mine here to inspire you to create your own:

Leading Indicators:

  • Daily reading the Bible; not rushed. Stay until I learn something. 
  • Finding Joy in a verse.
  • Morning prayer to connect with God and pray for the day and my family. 
  • Ask Jesus what He wants to do with the day ahead. 
  • Spend time quietly with GOD and don’t leave until I feel His presence. 
  • Singing praise songs during the day.
  • Go to bed with Kathy in my arms. 
  • Church each week.
  • Meet monthly with my friend to review my KPI’s.


Lagging Indicators:

  • Experience a high level of peace.
  • Have joy in my heart.
  • Excited for the day. 
  • Be in harmony with Kathy and my kids.
  • See places where GOD is using me to tangibly bless others.
  • Talk with someone about Jesus.
  • Praying with others to encourage them.
  • Encouraged someone with the truth about GOD.
  • Experience a spirit of “prayerfulness” during the day ( talk to GOD all day).


These are my Spiritual KPI’s and I hope you will define and track your own. Let me clarify, this is NOT about creating a set of rules and obligations to be a “good Christian.” Rather this is helping me stay focused on what I desire and helping me avoid times where I slowly take my eyes off of following Jesus and end up feeling distant from GOD.

I remind my clients that you will only get great results when you put in the effort towards a vision you want for your life. I want a life filled with peace and joy despite the challenges of life, and that requires I keep my eyes on Jesus so I don’t lose my way. My Spiritual KPI’s will help me see that I am staying on track in this effort.

One of your leading KPI’s could be spending time with others who share your love for Jesus Christ. One way to do that is by getting involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast Planning team. Spend time serving alongside other Christ followers and be encouraged to live out your faith boldly. Go to the “Get Involved” tab on this website and make plans to attend our next planning meeting. We need lots of volunteers to make this our best event ever so sign up and get involved today. 

Share your KPIs with a friend who will help you stay on track. Meet with that friend each month and review the KPI’s to see where you need to make changes. Remember to be completely open and transparent if you want to really see the results you desire. We’d also love to learn what KPI’s you come up with so share them with us at [email protected]

Robert Hunt