“If you ask an insignificant maidservant why she scours a dish or milks the cow, she can say, ‘I know that the thing I do pleases God, for I have God’s Word and commandment.’ God does not look at the insignificance of the acts but at the heart that serves Him in such little things.”

“To serve God simply means to do what God has commanded and not to do what God has forbidden. And if only we would accustom ourselves properly to this view, the entire world would be full of service to God, not only the churches but also the home, the kitchen, the cellar, the workshop, and the field of townsfolk and farmers. For it is certain that God would have not only the church and world order but also the house order established and upheld. All, therefore, who serve the latter purpose—father and mother first, then the children, and finally the servants and neighbors—are jointly serving God; for so He wills and commands.

“In the light of this view of the matter a poor maid should have the joy in her heart of being able to say, ‘Now I am cooking, making the bed, sweeping the house. Who has commanded me to do these things? My master and mistress have. What has given them authority over me? God has. Very well, then it must be true that I am serving not them alone but also God in heaven and that God must be pleased with my service. How could I not possibly be more blessed? Why, my service is equal to cooking for God in heaven!’

“In this way a man could be happy and of good cheer in all his trouble and labor; and if he accustomed himself to look at his service and calling in this way, nothing would be distasteful to him. But the devil opposes this point of view tooth and nail, to keep one from coming to this joy and to cause everybody to have a special dislike for what he should do and is commanded to do. So the devil operates in order to make sure that people do not love their work and no service be rendered to God.”

“What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God.” #DFWTechPB #FaithatWork

Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation in 1517. Though he is not officially associated with the Dallas/Fort Worth Technology Prayer Breakfast, Luther’s ideas were spread throughout Europe by the new technology of the printing press. Consider becoming a volunteer, a table host, or a corporate partner for the Oct. 5 Prayer Breakfast.