Everything I needed to know I learned in Sunday School. Of course, it helps when you have a teacher like Dr. Bailey Smith.

A couple of weeks ago, the evangelist and former Southern Baptist megachurch pastor shared some insights that reminded me why the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast is so necessary.

Dr. Smith called his lesson Signs That You Are Tilting Toward Sodom. (Sodom was the city in the Old Testament famous for sinfulness.) He pointed out how we lower our guards and become part of this world. As an example, David killed a lion, a bear, and a giant in his youth but as a king he committed adultery and murder. Past performance is no guarantee for future success.

So how can you tell if you’re in danger of tilting toward Sodom? Dr. Smith suggested several ways:

  • Casualness towards sin. We often rationalize our own sins by telling ourselves they aren’t as bad as others’ sins. But in God’s view, all sins are as unacceptable and deserving of punishment.
  • Lack of courage to fight sin. We engage with the world to influence it with God’s standards. But it’s difficult to stand up against rationalization of sin in our world today. Do we hate sin as much as God does.
  • Complacency for Scripture. When our Bible is not open enough, our hearts aren’t listening to God. We need to ground ourselves in the Word daily.
  • Comfortable with self. We often rely on our own resources and not God’s providence. God has a unique plan for each of us. We have to be open to Him and engaged in action.
  • Coasting in service. Serving in church or leading a Bible study doesn’t immunize us from sinful tendencies. Remember David.

You have to lean towards Jesus at all times.

That’s the message you’ll hear at the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast on Friday, Oct. 5. Let’s remember we won’t be there to network; we’ll be there to tilt toward Jesus Christ. Join us and invite others who need more encouragement from God. In other words, everyone! #DFWTechPB #FaithatWork

Dan Hayes co-chairs the Merv Tarde Values in Leadership Circle of the Dallas / Fort Worth Technology Prayer Breakfast.