I hear these words, “Dada, wake up,” every single day.

They ring so loud that they literally take my breath away. It typically happens at the table or the den floor, and sometimes even by my son’s crib. These three words don’t echo loudly because my two-year-old wants me to pick my jaw up off the table or wake up from a deep slumber on the den floor.

No, they make an impression on me because it is his way of saying, “Dad, get off your phone and pay attention to me. They are the most heart breaking three words that my wife and I hear (and yes, he says, “Mama, wake up,” too).

For me, balancing life with a wife, two kids under 2, a demanding job, travel, church, organizations, and outside activities can be overwhelming. Have you ever felt the same way?

That’s why there may not be a subject that is more popular today than being on your phone and plugged in 24/7. Millions of posts, blogs, and articles have been written about this subject – but the point of this blog is that I’ve learned much more from my 2-year-old.

“Dada, wake up,” not only has taught me that little eyes are watching and patiently waiting for attention, but also that it is easy to fall into a rhythm of life that may feel rewarding or pivotal but in reality, we need to be woke from.

That ding of a text message or buzz of an email creates endorphins that run through you like a bolt of lightning. But in my better moments I’d give up that jolt for 30 more seconds of playing with cars on the floor with my son.

  • “Dada, wake up,” rings through my head when I choose five more minutes of (insert social media) instead of five more minutes in the Word.
  • “Dada, wake up,” rings through my head when I hesitate to pray at lunch with a customer.
  • “Dada, wake up,” rings through my head when I gaze through the pulpit in that precise time that God is speaking through the pastor to me.

What would it be like if you “woke up” from what you are doing now to spend five more minutes in the things that matter? What are those things that matter to you? Family, faith, friendships, fun (cool how these all start with F). We all need a reminder to focus on what we really want in life, not just what comes our way next.

If you are looking for a way to serve, give back, or be reminded, there is a wonderful opportunity with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. The Oct. 5 event draws more than 1,000 people who are looking for a way to make Christ known in the DFW area. Consider becoming a partner or even a table host. You can also text PRAYER to 77007 for text updates.

In my experience, we all need to be woke. It’s not a bad thing, and it’s not something that goes away. It is just something we should work on.

Though I’m blessed to have a two-year-old who reminds me to wake up every single day, the call is always there. All we have to do is respond.

Robert Henson is Partnership Chairman of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. Read more of Robert’s work.