I love to watch the DIY and Cooking Channels. It’s cool to see how things are made and imagine yourself making a outdoor fire pit or a sweet Maple Bacon donut. It seems easier to think you can do these things when you see someone else do it and the amazing results they had.

Watching others go through challenges and surviving, or better yet, coming through stronger on the other side, gives us hope for what we are facing in our own lives. Many times I’ve made decisions to follow or avoid a certain course of action based on what I’ve seen happen in other people’s lives. This is one of the benefits of sharing life with others and learning from their experiences.

“Many Will See”

Psalm 40: 1 – 3 talks about GOD hearing our cries for help, pulling us out of the muddy waters, and onto a solid rock. My life has seen many times of deep waters and slimy pits, and I can tell you that GOD has always been there to help me out, sometimes pull me out, and take me to a better place. It also says that others will see how GOD has delivered us to a place of safety, and those watching this will learn to fear (respect) GOD, and put their trust in Him.

People watch what you do. They see how you handle life and how you respond to things we never saw coming. When I got divorced in 1994, when I lost my job in 2005, when I moved to Texas in 2010, and when I changed careers after 25 years and decided to trust GOD in this new journey. People were watching and making a decision on who GOD is by the way I represented Him to through my life.

Our DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast allows us to share real life examples of leaders who have faced challenges and seen GOD not only save them, but give them something to sing about! We learn from each others stories and choose for ourselves what course of action we want to follow in our own lives.

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This annual event provides a place for Technology Leaders to come together in one place and hear stories that will encouraged others to “see, and fear ( to respect or be in awe of), and put their trust in the Lord.” We know how it is to face hard times or to feel life is empty and without hope. And we also know what it feels like to see GOD change our lives, give us peace and hope for the future. We want YOU to know this too!

We hope you will join us to hear how a faith in Jesus Christ has changed our lives. Sign up today to be a Table Host or check the names of current Table Host to see who you know and you can ask them if they have a seat open for you.

See you at the Irving Convention Center. Bring some Maple Bacon Donuts!

Robert Hunt