Where your frined areNot to sound like an old guy, but when I was a kid, we knew where our friends where by the pile of bikes out in front of someone’s house. You also knew you were free to join them just by knocking on the door and going inside.

Today, we find our “friends” on Facebook or other social media sites and we hope they will connect with us and “like” us. It can be very cold in the Digital World, but this is where most things have moved today, and many of us in the Technology Community are helping to make it happen.

With our schedule and the demands on our time and resources, keeping connected digitally is often all we have time for. However, joining a group on LinkedIn or following someone on Twitter can give us a false sense of community. What we really need is time to connect face to face and dig deeper into what is really important to us, and to know that the person on the other side of our words actually understands and cares about us.

This is one of the reasons we have our annual DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. We chose the city of Irving because it’s in the middle of Dallas, Fort Worth and all other communities around us that we want to participate in this event. This event provides a safe place for people in the DFW Technology Community to come together for a meal, visit with friends, and hear how a faith in Jesus Christ has changed our lives. We also have Ramp-Up Events leading up to this event so people can network, learn how to be a good Table Host and build friendships. Check our event page on Facebook for information on our next meeting.

Come connect (or reconnect) with leaders in the Technology Industry here in DFW and find that we have more in common than cutting edge technology and project deadlines. We are leaders who care about the heart and soul of DFW and we want to bring us all together for a time of encouraging the leaders of North Texas to live out their passion and convictions at work each day.

Sign up to be a Volunteer and join us at our next planning meeting. We’ll pile the bikes out front so you don’t miss us!

Robert Hunt


* Just to show that we are not opposed to the whole social media scene, connect with us by clicking the links below and invite others to learn more about our event. You can also contact us at [email protected].