I had someone ask me this week what I thought God’s will for my life was. I learned a long time ago that God’s ways are not like my ways, and His timing is not always my timing. What does GOD want me to do with my life? I don’t know if he wants you to be a CIO, or a Salesman, or a programmer, or a parent. What I am absolutely sure He wants is for you to

  • Rejoice always,
  • Pray continually,
  • Be Thankful in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  (1 Thessalonians 5:16 – 18)

Rejoice ALWAYS

304949_10151216381409402_1485673419_nNot just when things go my way or for the good time, but in ALL things. Each of us walks a journey specially prepared by GOD to be used for His glory. Your journey will be different than mine and I learned never to compare journeys or be envious of the life someone else has, and to see the bigger picture in each circumstance.

How was it possible for Paul and Silas to find joy enough to sing while in prison chains? They had just been falsely accused and arrested, stripped and beaten with rods, severely flogged, and then tossed into prison. How could they find the joy to sing as they sat there with open wounds, suffering from a loss of blood, unable to move around or even go to the bathroom because of the stocks on their feet?

They knew how powerful GOD is and they trusted that GOD had a plan for them.

My son does not like having to go to bed at a certain time, mow the yard, read the Bible, or learn to write in cursive. However, I know what I want him to be like when he is a grown man so I take him through things to lead him that way.

GOD does the same with us. It is a process we are going through and we will only be done when we stand before GOD in heaven. Until then, we are learning and growing and becoming more of what GOD wants us to be and less of who we were when we first gave our hearts to Jesus.

SO… rejoice when you encounter various trials in your life, knowing that this is producing endurance so we can become a better equipped to represent Jesus to the world. God considers you valuable enough to use you in His plan to save a lost and dying world – that’s pretty cool!


Not just over dinner or when you put your kids to bed – ALWAYS. That means I am keenly aware that GOD is with me wherever I go so I remain in a conversation with Him about all kinds of things. Prayer is just talking to GOD and why would you NOT want to get as much time with the GOD of the universe as possible?

If you went on a trip from Dallas to New York with your best friend, you would talk along the way. Yes there would lots of time where there is quiet but you work point out things you see and share your thoughts. It wouldn’t be forced it would be shared because you are on the journey together. So your prayers with an ever-present GOD could be things like:

  • ‘Thank you for this warm cup of coffee.”
  • “Thank you for this great parking spot!”
  • “Please help me communicate well in this meeting.”
  • “Thank you for my team and help me to lead them well this week.”
  • “God, please heal Marks marriage and give him patience with his wife.”
  • “Thank you GOD that my wife loves me enough to text me a silly face for no reason.”

I hope you get the picture. The point is that since GOD is on the journey with us we get to talk with Him all the time, in all things, about all things, because He cares about these things.

Be Thankful In All Circumstances

Life is full of challenges at work and home. I do not always like the things that happen in life but I have learned to be thankful IN all circumstance and not FOR all circumstances. Note I highlighted In vs For because somethings that happen are just a bummer and we would not wish this on our worst enemy. However, when we are willing to trust that GOD has a plan in all things, we can keep a perspective that keeps us from blaming GOD and actually thanking GOD.

move-to-texasIn 2009 I lost a job as VP of Marketing and Sales. It was really surprised at this because I had done amazing things to lead this 50-year-old company to a new level of success. GOD wanted me in Texas and so that job had to end so I would consider moving out of California after 46 years of living in the same city I was born. I am thankful to be in the best state in America and thankful that GOD chose to close that door and open this door where I met “all y’all.”

After enough years of situations like that happening in my life, I have learned that I should not freak out when the unexpected happen, instead I look back at the things GOD has done in my life and can be thankful that He chose to use me for His glory in this circumstance. Read also about how not to worry if you need more help with this.

So God’s will for our lives is to Rejoice in all things, Pray in all things, and be Thankful in all things. If you struggle to do this come be a part of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast community and let others support you in your journey. Get details about our next meeting from our Facebook Event page and make plans to join us.

Robert Hunt