impatientWe are not good at waiting. We like the fast-lane, microwave ovens, and credit cards. We want it all and we want it NOW. When things don’t happen when we want them to happen, we often worry, stress and do all we can to make it happen. I often see this when I talk to people who are in a job transition or a difficult marriage. When they lose patience they take a job that is not right for them, or leave their spouse to chase someone else, and it never ends good. 

Dr. Charles Stanley shared a principle that has helped me face the challenges of life these last five years: “GOD acts on behalf of those who are willing to wait for His best.” There is a link to watch this video at the bottom of this article and let me highlight the truths I learned that have helped me wait for God’s best.

“GOD acts on behalf of those who actively wait for His best.”

Why would God make me wait for anything? GOD is personally involved in our lives and has a plan for us. If we are willing to trust in Him, he will reveal His best in His time. Sometimes GOD tells us “Not Now” for the things we want so He can give us what is best for us. That requires we walk in Faith through the steps He has planned.

God is in control of all things and He never forgets our requests. If we are willing to wait for His timing and direction we can make room for Him to provide His best. GOD is at work to get us ready for his plan. He knows what needs to be changed in us in order to receive His best and that is a process we must go through over time. 

Often He is protecting us from things we do not see. When we step out of God’s will it can bring pressure hurt and suffering for us and those around us. I can think of many times in my life where I worked to manipulate the circumstances to get what I wanted and I regretted the results. Because GOD knows everything I must be willing to trust he knows what is best for me.

He also uses the waiting to change our motivation for what we want. If I want the promotion for my glory, He may want me to stay where I am for HIS glory. We make an impact on the world when we live out our faith in joy because we trust in GOD. Additionally, if I am willing to wait, he often changes what I want to what I really want but had lost my vision due to circumstances around me (fear, panic, pride, jealousy, envy, etc.).

“It requires faith, patience, humility, and courage to trust and wait on GOD.”

Waiting on GOD requires Patience; the will to wait, pause for further instruction from GOD on the timing or direction to move ahead, calmly accept what GOD is doing in my life today, and trusting that GOD will intervene in my life – in His time. Our unwillingness to wait indicates a lack of trust in GOD. It takes real courage to face the desires you want right now and decide to wait for God’s best. Remember that none of those who wait for the Lord will be ashamed. (Psalm 25:3)

god-acts-on-behalfWaiting is not doing nothing. It’s the action to pause what we were doing (worrying or chasing something we know is not right for us) and letting go of my immediate wants today to work on what I can while I trust in His timing. It also means we remove the arbitrary deadlines we put on GOD to do this by a certain time or we stop trusting in Him. He does not work for us, we work for Him. “Actively-Waiting” means doing my best with the resources GOD has already provided to make the most of each day for HIS glory.

Stop thinking that “Life will be better when…”  and start enjoying each day because if you are walking in righteousness with GOD, then TODAY He is already giving you His best for where you are. If His best for you is NOT to have what you want today, then rejoice that He has something better for you tomorrow.

Are you willing to trust GOD and wait for His best? 

“Wait for the Lord, Be Strong and Let your Heart take courage; yes Wait for the Lord.” (Psalm 27: 14)


Robert Hunt