PRAY AT WORKWe are all leaders to someone and its important to use all the resources we can to lead with excellence. There are a plethora of business and motivational books available, videos, seminars, and online articles that can help in our efforts. I think the most powerful tool we have is PRAYER.

Our Nation was founded on it, Congress still opens each session with it, battles were won because of it, and peace is found in it. Prayer is a tool we use to align ourselves with God’s heart and to stay focused on His truths. If you restrict prayer to meals and bedtime, you are missing out on the power to move the world.

I like how the President of SMU recently shared about being a Prayerful Leader in this video when he says:

Gerald Turner, President of SMU

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“I’m called upon to lead people that are of many faiths and some who have no faith at all. The attitude you bring to it, that I think is reflective of a prayerful approach to life, oftentimes is the best way to approach it.”

We need to respect the fact that other people may not share our faith but it should not stop you from diligently praying over the lives of those GOD has put in your sphere of influence.

  • Pray for them and their families.
  • Pray for them to have wisdom to succeed in their goals.
  • Pray safety over your team.
  • Pray for them to know the GOD whom you serve.
  • Pray that you will be a humble leader.

Most importunely, lead by example so your prayers will not be hindered. Serve humbly and be above reproach so GOD is honored in your work and personal life, and others will see your good behavior and glorify our Father in Heaven.

Our annual DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast is a great way to share your faith to those around you. Pray and ask GOD to lead you as you consider being a Table Host, Partner, or Volunteer. Pray for the hearts of those you will invite to join you for our 2016 event on September 30 at the Irving Convention Center.

Visit our Events Page and make plans to join us at our next Planning Meeting and Ramp-Up event. There’s lots to pray about and we hope to see you there.

Robert Hunt