Why are you involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast?

That is the question that some of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast volunteers were asked to consider.

Steve Helms, Dell Technologies Global Alliance had this to say:

steve Helms

I am involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast because something happened. Something important.

The DFW Technology community spends a lot of time talking about important things. What leader built a powerful company, which great thinker developed a new technology, whose new venture will become this year’s breakout, what IPO is worth our attention, and whose strategy is going to disrupt the industry.

These are all things that make a direct impact on what we do professionally on a daily basis. All of those important things guide our decisions about who we work for, represent and do business. They shape our careers and lives. We also spend our time building relationships that help us on that journey. Regardless of who the relationship is with, we always learn from them. Whether it is a peer, an employee, a boss, or a mentor, these relationships inform us and shape who we become in our careers.

Now imagine that the CEO of your biggest customer reached out to you personally and asked to have a personal relationship with you.  Wouldn’t you respond immediately and give that invitation your full attention? Of course you would.  Why? Because that relationship and closeness will take your career to new heights. Knowing that this is true, then why not give that kind of attention to a far more important relationship?

God sent his Son Jesus Christ to save us. He came, he died, and he conquered sin & death for us.

It happened.

This is a lot more important than our latest technology product announcement, and just as important, Jesus Christ who is the “Chief Executive” of the Universe invites us to know Him personally!

After his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus invited his followers to “Come and have breakfast” and “Follow Me.” (John 21)

It happened.

The one who conquered death wants to spend time with you.  How you respond could be the most important decision you make. Come have breakfast with us.

We are very thankful for Steve, who helps lead the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. There is plenty of room for you too, so please fill out the information on our Volunteer Page and come join us to help us with our future events.