Join us!  We would love to have your support in Praying, Planning, and Promoting this event. There is a place for you if you want to help. Please read over the areas available to help and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get involved. These leaders all need lots of team members to get the job done so just find a team you want to serve on and we’ll get you working right away. If you have questions you can email us at [email protected].

Here are the people that lead our teams:

Jeff ClementOur Committee Chairman is Jeff Clement:

  • It was Jeff who started idea for the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast back in 2013 and it is his vision and passion that started this annual event.

Committee President is Steve Helms:Steve Helms

  • Steve leads our teams and works closely with Jeff to make sure the vision and mission of our ministry is achieved.

Prayer Team Chair is Lee Herrin:

  • HerrinWe need team members who will pray for the hearts of our guests to receive the Gospel Message. Pray for the speakers, for the event to go perfect, and for the work of our volunteers.

Volunteer Team Chair is Matt Harrington:

  • matt-harringtonRecruit volunteers to fill all the roles.
  • Process online volunteer submissions as received.
  • Meet with each prospective volunteer to qualify them.
  • Assign and direct volunteers into the best role.


Program Chair is Ryan Adair:

  • Ryan AdairDetailed focus on the event planning, keeping our mission and audience in mind.
  • Speaker coordination and planning.
  • Define event flow and script and content (A/V detailed support as needed) and Timeline of the event.
  • Coordinate with the event committee as neede

Communications Chair is Robert Hunt

  • Robert HuntMaintain our website and Social Media programs.
  • Marketing promotions and communications before and after event.
  • Email blasts, social media content generation.
  • Support Marketing content for all other teams to build clear Brand.


Table Host Chair is Tim Hammer Tim Hammer 

  • Coordinate Table Hosts.
  • Collect all Fees 30 days before the event
  • Help Table Host fill their tables.
  • Coordinate Ramp-Up events.


Liz BarnesEvent Chair Liz Barnes:

  • Work with the event planner from the Irving Convention Center.
  • Arrange for all the site details like tables and chairs, stage, A/V, Flowers, flags, signs and banners, and info cards that day.
  • Run the event that morning and be the “go to” team for the flow of the event.
  • Coordinate volunteers for the event to work the registration table and act as event hosts to direct people who might need help.


Merv Tarde Nominations Chairs are John Cole and Dan Hayes:

  • John coleCreate the policy and procedures for the annual award
  • Design criteria required for nomination and induction into the Merv Tarde Values in Leadership Circle.
  • Recruit and lead committee to review and add members into the circle each year
  • Dan HayesAssure integrity and accuracy of this process.
  • Avoid this being a contest, and keep it as a way of honoring excellence in our community.


Blitz Thru The Bible Chair is Jeff Kok:Jeff Kok

  • Create content for Blitz events after each yearly event
  • Find leaders to present the Blitz with excellence


tom lSponsorship Chair is Tom LaPlante:

  • Coordinate Event Sponsors.
  • Coordinate Sponsors involvement in event.
  • Host Speaker Dinner the night before event
  • Collect all funds 30 days before the event.


maukMinistry Continuity Chair is Steve Mauk:

  • Create the Organizational structure and details that will allow the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast to scale and maintain a commitment to serving others and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Coordinator is needed:

  • Coordinates and schedules meetings and events for the planning team.
  • Maintain data base of contacts and records required to keep our committee organized and informed.
  • Provide minutes from meetings and share information with planning team.

*Please submit the form at the bottom of the page to get involved as a volunteer today.

Help us get the word out.  Send an email out to others in your network who share your faith in Jesus Christ and ask them to pass the word along to their network, and consider attending and supporting our event. Go to the social media links below and join our group on LinkedIn, like our Facebook page, and follow us Twitter. You can also just talk to people about it if you’re Old-School.

*   Click on these links if you want to be a Table Host or  Sponsor.

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Volunteer Form

Everyone who volunteers as a leader in the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast has the opportunity to be an example of Christ by the way we live our lives. We need a team of Christ Followers who lead by example and honor GOD in all we do. If that is you please fill out this form and lets find you a great place to serve on the team.