Take Me To Your Leader

If aliens from another planet came to earth to learn about us, would they think we worship GOD or Technology?

Using their invisible space suit, they would secretly follow us from the moment we got up from the alarm on our iPhone god, and then take this god to the bathroom to get orders of what it wants us to do today.  We would check back with our god every few minutes to pay homage to it and make sure it has our attention. We’d keep it close to us at all times during the day so as not to anger it. We would find knowledge and joy from it and from other gods like our computer and TV gods. We would even listen to it tell us where to drive, what to eat, and when to go to bed. Then at the end of the day, we put our god next to our bed to keep us safe while we sleep.

Or would these space aliens see us rise in the morning and the first thing we do (after getting coffee) would be to stop and bow our heads and talk with the one true GOD of the universe? Would they see millions of people seeking wisdom from the same book and letting that direct our words and deeds all day long? Would they see us make time to invest in other people by putting away our phones and other electronic distractions and giving them our full attention when we are together?

If they were following you, which one would they see?

Technology is Good – but it’s not GOD

I like technology and most of us make a living in the tech world. It’s not evil but we must protect from being a slave to it, or even giving it a priority over GOD and how He has called us to live. Tech can be useful in many ways but it also has a subtile way of cutting in more than it deserves. Ask yourself these questions to see.

  • How often do you look at the screen of your phone each day?
  • How panicked are you when you leave your phone at home?
  • Do you need your phone with you to go to the bathroom?
  • Do you reply to things while meeting with others?
  • Do you update your Facebook page at stop lights?
  • Do you look at your phone while watching TV?
  • Do you ever turn off or shutdown your phone?

I should know because I do this stuff!

I realize I have let technology become way too involved in my life and it has slowly cut into my time with GOD and the world around me. If you are not aware of how this may be affecting you too, try one simple app call Moment. This app will tell you how much time you spent staring at your iPhone screen each day and you will be surprised to see how much time we give it.

This didn’t happen overnight but I found that my tech had crowded into my world and I needed to make changes. I used to get up and read my Bible app but I found it too easy to get distracted by emails that were waiting for my reply or my Facebook app waiting for me to “Like” something. So I leave that in the other room and use a physical Bible so I don’t cheat myself out of time investing in my faith.

I also found tech stealing away my attention when I am with others. For example, I’d be in a meeting and my phone would light up with a text. So I’d take my attention away from the person I’m with to give my attention to someone else. That certainly did not make others feel they matter to me. Now I turn it facedown and keep it silent so I give people all my attention.

We invest our time in the things that matter to us. Our checkbook is an indication of what matters to us and so is our calendar. Our family feels they matter when we spend time with them and this also applies to our friendships and employees. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day and it’s up to us to invest it wisely. Don’t let your tech rob you of investing in what matters most to you.

How about you? What adjustments do you need to make to keep the tech god from ruling your life?  What time have you invested in knowing the GOD of the Bible today? What habits can you change to keep you closer to GOD  and others than you are to your iPhone?

One of the reasons we started the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast was to create a community of technology leaders who are committed to living boldly for Jesus Christ. Our event is once a year but we use this as a catalyst for building friendships that will encourage us all year long.

If you struggle to balance your focus in life you can join our team and surround yourself with others who are striving to honor GOD. Use some of our tech like our Facebook Event page where you can find dates for our next planning meeting or other event. You can also connect and serve with others through our On Going Ministry page, and with business leaders who share your faith through our LinkedIn page.

I’d love to hear what you think about all this so comment below and share this article with others you care about. See you in person soon.

Robert Hunt

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Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast.

DFW Tech People ad.001

Our 2016 DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast is about 40 days away and 70 Table Hosts have signed up so far!  The logos above are just some of the companies that will be represented that day and it looks to be a Tech Reunion! New Table Hosts and Sponsors are signing up each week but we max out at 80 tables soon so sign up today before we sell out.  We still have room for you to Sponsor the event so visit our Sponsor page and learn more.

We still need volunteers who can help plan, set up, and run the event so if you are looking for a short-term place to serve let us know. Our last Planning Committee meeting before our September 30 event will be Thursday, August 25th at 7:30 am at Matrix Dallas. See you there.

The DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast names Steve Helms as President


steve HelmsWe are excited to announce that Steve Helms has graciously accepted the role as President of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. Jeff Clement will remain the Chairman and visionary of our ministry and Steve will bring a new level of leadership and direction to help build our planning committee and the efficiencies of our annual events.

Jeff Clement, Founder and Chairman of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast had this to say about Steve:

 “Steve has been involved from the beginning and in fact, Steve was pursuing starting something very similar when our paths crossed. He has been an asset to this organization and the community and will help lead the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast to new levels of impact and outreach.

We have seen fantastic support from the community over the past three years and it is obvious we need to create a sustainable leadership team to move to a formal non-profit status and leverage our momentum to reach more leaders in the DFW Technology Community for many years to come. It is important to note that while Steve has accepted the title of President, it is truly a community of leaders who make this happen each year. Steve’s role is one of enabler, organizer and servant leader.”

“It is an honor to serve the DFW Technology Community in this way,” said Steve. “This year will see the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast reach more people than ever before, as our all-volunteer group of technology leaders and table hosts live out their faith in the workplace. There is room for you on our volunteer team, as a Table Host, or a Sponsor of our annual event so join us today.”

Join with us in thanking Steve for his willingness to lead our ministry and join us as we plan for this year’s event on Friday, September 30.

*Steve lives in Frisco with his wife, Kappi and children Holiday, Kate, and Bennett. He works as an Account Executive at Anaplan and attends Prestonwood Baptist Church. You can learn more about Steve on his Linkedin page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/helms.

Why Lee Herrin is Involved in the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast.

Why are you involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast?

That is the question that some of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast volunteers were asked to consider.

HerrinLee Herrin, SR. Account Executive, Pinnacle Business Systems had this to say:

When my parents divorced early in my life, it meant that I split time between two worlds. In one world there was no church or prayer or any mention of God. In the other, my father’s world, we prayed and attended church. Living in these two worlds throughout my childhood created a paradox for me. I believed in God but I did not know what a personal relationship with Christ looked like or felt like.

As I grew older I stopped attending church. My experiences with churches had varied wildly but in many of them I saw hypocrisy, pettiness, and many things that did not seem godly. I saw in many churches simply organizations that existed in a community.

There came a time in my life where I felt lost and broken. Circumstances and my own choices had created in me a deep pain. I felt lost. I felt broken. As a last resort, I began to pray.

I had never ceased praying altogether, but had continued to pray infrequently – most typically in times of trouble. In this broken part of my life I turned to God completely. I surrendered and began to seek God’s will for me rather than my will for God. I invited Christ to dwell inside of me. Prayer worked. Life was better. There was no confetti, but there was calm.

Prayer then became a more frequent and sincere part of my life. As I spent more time in prayer, my faith grew.  As I grew in my Faith, God began to bring me into contact with amazing people. I call them “Happy Christians” and they were glimpses of what a life of Faith is supposed to look like. I found them in my little league football parents group. I found them at work. I found them in my customer accounts. Each time I began to share openly with these people, and made space for them to share with me, I grew a little more in my own Faith.

4ab33ed9-98a7-4c2a-806f-fe2e0ebe0785-largeYears ago I avoided exhibiting my Faith in any way or in conversation, thinking that I may offend someone. If these Happy Christians had lived their lives in that way I would not have known what my life could be, and is today.

We are very thankful for Lee and his willingness to be Prayer Team Chair for the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. There is plenty of room for you too, so please fill out the information on our Volunteer Page and come join us for an even better event in 2016!

How to Stop Worrying



“Do not Worry about tomorrow; today has enough trouble of its own.”

I only worry about one thing – the future. The problem is that everything is in the future. I have bills but I don’t worry about the bills, I worry that someday I won’t have enough money to pay them. I don’t worry about my kids, I worry that someday they will do something that will have a negative impact on their lives.

Whether you call it worry, anxiousness, anxiety, panic, fret, concern, agonize, stress, torment, over think or to lose sleep over something, these feelings are the opposite of what I want in my life. I want Peace, tranquility, serenity and calm. (It’s interesting that I can think of more words that express worry than I can of peace.)

Worry affects how we feel, think and behave in a negative way and has a subtle effect that sneaks up on us when we least expect it. It distracts us and causes us to do the wrong things. Sometimes I find myself doing things in response to worry but I don’t recognize this until someone asks me why I’m doing it. When I really step back and look at my thoughts, I see it comes from a worry that snuck in when I wasn’t looking. Worry pops up at times and it’s all about the future and out of my control.

The Illusion of Control

I’ve always told my kids there are two things you should never worry about; things you CAN control and things you CANNOT control. If you can control something, fix it and stop worrying about it. If you cannot control something, leave it alone and trust that GOD will take care of it.

The reality is that EVERYTHING is out of your control. People who were starting a new business on September 11, 2001 did not factor in the horrible events of that day into their business plan. We cannot plan enough details into life to never be surprised at what comes our way. So we have to acknowledge that GOD is in control of everything (even the tragic things) and that he has a plan. Just because we don’t like or understand the plan does not mean he doesn’t have a plan.

Why Worry

“Who by worrying has added a single thing to their life”

I’m 52 and GOD has never let me down. Even in my darkest hours of the worst days of my life, I still felt GOD was with me and He carried me through it all. In times when I had practically nothing and there was no relief in sight, He brought a solution that proved to me nothing is too big for GOD. So why after 52 years of GOD taking such good care of me do I allow myself to worry about anything?

I love the song “I Will Look Up” and the line that says “I will look back and see that you are faithful. I’ll look ahead believing you are able.” GOD has proved himself faithful all my life and I am absolutely confident that He is able to do anything and loves me like a son, so why worry?

The Solution

The driver of all our worry is Fear. We sometimes call this our “Comfort Zone” but it’s really Fear. Fear that things are not in our control, that something bad might happen, and basically fear of the unknown all lead us to worry and take away our peace. But I have found a solution – LOVE.

“Perfect LOVE casts out all fear.”

When I think of how much GOD loves me and I focus on the truth of God’s word, my fear and worry goes away. When I remember that GOD loved us so much that he gave his own son to die so we might know GOD personally, it makes the worries of this world seem tiny and brings me peace. When we put our hope in GOD, we are not disappointed because He never gives up on us. We can be bold and confident as long as we put our hope in Him and His love for us, and not our feeble attempt to control things or know what will happen in the future.



Life is challenging so we need others around to help when we allow ourselves to worry. People who can sense when we’ve lost our focus and are allowing worry to cloud our vision. People who will remind us of the truth when they see we have allowed ourselves to spiral into anxiousness. Someone to encourage us and hold us up when we are just too beat down to try one more time. Join us as we plan this years DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast and let us support you as a group who knows there is plenty we could worry about but we will put our HOPE in the Lord and He does not disappoint.

* If this does not make sense to you, it may be because you do not know the GOD of whom I speak. If that is the case I wold be glad to meet with you and tell you about the GOD of the Bible and His son Jesus Christ. Contact me at [email protected]

Robert Hunt


Why Steve Helms is Involved in the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast.

Why are you involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast?

That is the question that some of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast volunteers were asked to consider.

Steve Helms, Account Executive at Anaplan  had this to say:

steve Helms

I am involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast because something happened. Something important.

The DFW Technology community spends a lot of time talking about important things. What leader built a powerful company, which great thinker developed a new technology, whose new venture will become this year’s breakout, what IPO is worth our attention, and whose strategy is going to disrupt the industry.

These are all things that make a direct impact on what we do professionally on a daily basis. All of those important things guide our decisions about who we work for, represent and do business. They shape our careers and lives. We also spend our time building relationships that help us on that journey. Regardless of who the relationship is with, we always learn from them. Whether it is a peer, an employee, a boss, or a mentor, these relationships inform us and shape who we become in our careers.

Now imagine that the CEO of your biggest customer reached out to you personally and asked to have a personal relationship with you.  Wouldn’t you respond immediately and give that invitation your full attention? Of course you would.  Why? Because that relationship and closeness will take your career to new heights. Knowing that this is true, then why not give that kind of attention to a far more important relationship?

God sent his Son Jesus Christ to save us. He came, he died, and he conquered sin & death for us.

It happened.

This is a lot more important than our latest technology product announcement, and just as important, Jesus Christ who is the “Chief Executive” of the Universe invites us to know Him personally!

After his death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus invited his followers to “Come and have breakfast” and “Follow Me.” (John 21)

It happened.

The one who conquered death wants to spend time with you.  How you respond could be the most important decision you make. Come have breakfast with us on September 30.

We are very thankful for Steve, who helps lead the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. There is plenty of room for you too, so please fill out the information on our Volunteer Page and come join us for an even better event in 2016!

Why Shawn Tuma is involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast.

“Why am I involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast?”

That is the question that some of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast volunteers were asked to consider.

Shawn Tuma

Shawn Tuma, Partner
Scheef & Stone, L.L.P.

Shawn Tuma, Partner at Scheef & Stone, L.L.P., had this to say:

It’s the feeling that I got when I first walked into the building. It’s the overwhelming presence of the Lord that told me I was in the right place and needed to be a part of it.

It was a feeling that I had experienced before and I knew that I could not ignore it. In the spring of 1996, I visited Regent University to see if that was the right place for me to attend law school. When I placed my foot on the ground to step out of the cab at the front gates of Regent, I felt that same feeling. The chills, feeling of warmth, the hair standing up on the back of your neck. You know, the feeling you get when you enter into a place that is filled with the Spirit of the Lord. At that moment, I knew that I was in the right place and there no doubt whatsoever. In hindsight, attending Regent University School of Law was one of the very best decisions I have ever made.

In the fall of 2014, my friend Robert Hunt invited me to be a guest at his table for the 2014 DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. Bright and early on September 26, 2014, I arrived at the Irving Convention Center having no idea of what to expect. As I walked up to the building, all I could tell was that the place was huge and insecure feeling of knowing nobody, except Robert, in a building full of people, was knawing away at me.

Then I opened the door and walked in. At that moment, the feeling hit me and everything was just right. I could feel the presence of the Lord and I knew that I was in the right place. I was quickly greeted with coffee and smiling friendly faces that made me feel right at home. The more time that passed, the more I knew just how special this event was. By the end of the Breakfast, I knew that I had to be a part of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast going forward and committed to both volunteer and purchase a table for 10 people for 2015.

Today was the 2015 Prayer Breakfast. It was absolutely amazing! As I entered the building, I felt the same Sprit that I felt last year. The speakers’ messages were perfect and I could see that many people’s hearts were touched, believers and non-believers alike. It was also very fulfilling to see how much the nine guests I invited to my table were enjoying themselves. I can only wonder if any of them were impacted the same way I was last year, and whether they will have their own tables next year — with nine more guests each! Isn’t it amazing to see just how easily God can expand this exponentially?

It just doesn’t get any better than this! I am excited to be a part of the 2016 Prayer Breakfast and I hope to see you there!

We are very thankful for Shawn, who is one of our great volunteers and served as Chair of the Communications Committee for the 2015 DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. There is plenty of room for you too, so please fill out the information on our Volunteer Page and come join us for an even better event in 2016!

Why Jeff Clement is involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast.

“Why am I involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast?”

That is the question that some of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast volunteers were asked to consider.

Jeff ClementJeff Clement, Managing Director of 3Ci,  and Director and Founder of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast had this to say:

There are many reasons why I find organized religion intrusive, unfriendly and overbearing.  I am NOT supporting the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast to be any of those things.   Despite what man has done to organized religion, I am supporting and pushing a pure pursuit of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  This and this alone is life changing – and it changed my life and it has changed many people’s life throughout our technology community.

However, you probably do not know that.  You probably have never heard the “who” and the “why.”  Because before now, there were limited opportunities for those in the technology community to share their faith in a venue that was considered appropriate and open.

I want to change that and have been working hard to do so.  I want you to know the ‘who,” the “why,”  and the “how.”   There is no money in it for me or others who support our efforts.  We do it for you – because you should hear the authentic truth without any distractions of religion, ritual or tradition.  You should hear the truth of how a BIG God is personal in His love.  Personal in His efforts and personal in His pursuit of you knowing Him (he already knows you)!!!!

Just come and see!  No pressure.  No push.  Just come and see! Please.  If you are interested in attending the 2015 DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast, please email me at [email protected].  I will save a seat for you.

We are very thankful for Jeff, who founded this great event and continues to be one of our great volunteers serving as Committee Chairman for the 2015 DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. There is plenty of room for you too, so please contact one of the volunteers directly or fill out the information on our Volunteer Page and come join us!

Why Ryan Adair is involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast.

“Why am I involved with the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast?”

That is the question that some of the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast volunteers were asked to consider.

Ryan AdairRyan Adair, Director of Business Development of Fortis Talent, LLC, had this to say:

I first heard about the DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast while sitting across from a prospective client at lunch. He went on and on about the profound effect the Prayer Breakfast had on him and hundreds of others. His story inspired me to learn more and to get involved.

I was new to the corporate world of IT but it was important to me to find kingdom purpose in my career. 2 Corinthians 2:14 says that “He uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume.” I believe that the knowledge of Jesus Christ is something to pursue with our lives and to diffuse to the world around us.

I am so excited to be a part of an event that will draw women and men to Jesus and will minister His heart to my friends and coworkers.

We are very thankful for Ryan, who is one of our great volunteers serving as Chair of the Program Committee for the 2015 DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast. There is plenty of room for you too, so please fill out the information on our Volunteer Page and come join us!

Many Will See


I love to watch the DIY and Cooking Channels. It’s cool to see how things are made and imagine yourself making a outdoor fire pit or a sweet Maple Bacon donut. It seems easier to think you can do these things when you see someone else do it and the amazing results they had.

Watching others go through challenges and surviving, or better yet, coming through stronger on the other side, gives us hope for what we are facing in our own lives. Many times I’ve made decisions to follow or avoid a certain course of action based on what I’ve seen happen in other people’s lives. This is one of the benefits of sharing life with others and learning from their experiences.

“Many Will See”

Psalm 40: 1 – 3 talks about GOD hearing our cries for help, pulling us out of the muddy waters, and onto a solid rock. My life has seen many times of deep waters and slimy pits, and I can tell you that GOD has always been there to help me out, sometimes pull me out, and take me to a better place. It also says that others will see how GOD has delivered us to a place of safety, and those watching this will learn to fear (respect) GOD, and put their trust in Him.

People watch what you do. They see how you handle life and how you respond to things we never saw coming. When I got divorced in 1994, when I lost my job in 2005, when I moved to Texas in 2010, and when I changed careers after 25 years and decided to trust GOD in this new journey. People were watching and making a decision on who GOD is by the way I represented Him to through my life.

Our DFW Technology Prayer Breakfast allows us to share real life examples of leaders who have faced challenges and seen GOD not only save them, but give them something to sing about! We learn from each others stories and choose for ourselves what course of action we want to follow in our own lives.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 6.18.38 PM

This annual event provides a place for Technology Leaders to come together in one place and hear stories that will encouraged others to “see, and fear ( to respect or be in awe of), and put their trust in the Lord.” We know how it is to face hard times or to feel life is empty and without hope. And we also know what it feels like to see GOD change our lives, give us peace and hope for the future. We want YOU to know this too!

We hope you will join us to hear from Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VM Ware, as he shares how a faith in Jesus Christ has changed his life. Sign up today to be a Table Host or check the names of current Table Host to see who you know and you can ask them if they have a seat open for you.

See you September 30 at the Irving Convention Center. Bring some Maple Bacon Donuts!